Dear John

Find out what happened when KushKush founder, Jo Hope, was interviewed by Cape Talk radio show host, John Maytham, last week. Then tell us if you think a female-focussed cannabis platform is relevant, or not?

Listen To The Podcast: John Matham Interviews Jo Hope, Founder of KushKush

Dear John…

It’s not you, it’s me… Actually it is you, but for now,  I’m happy to give you the benefit of my doubt. 

You see, I was nervous to be interviewed by you: I’ve never been on radio before and you have decades of experience, and the likes of Madiba as a guest on your show.

Me? I’m just an entrepreneur trying to establish my fledgling company, KushKush, in this crazy economy and country that needs all the bright ideas and investment it can get. I like challenging traditional viewpoints but I thought since you’re also a maverick in your field - switching from acting to radio, joining a start-up talk radio show all those years ago and even hosting the first Google Hangout in the country - that you’d be different. That you’d get it. 

Instead, you dissed me before you even met me. Waiting on the line to go live, I heard you introduce me to your audience and my heart sank when you admitted to ‘snorting with derision’ at the idea of a female-focussed cannabis platform like KushKush. 

Snorting with derision… That’s a pretty strong reaction, no? 

Is it the idea that women have different needs to men that makes you uncomfortable, John? Or perhaps you just don’t like women who like weed? 

You see, if you’d visited our website, or read our Instagram posts, you’d know that KushKush is more than just an e-commerce site. It’s a safe space of conversation and debate; where women can share their stories, ask questions and find likeminded thinkers within the cannabis community, without the fear of being shamed or stigmatised.  

We’re not talking about creating a platform for a bunch of down-and-out drug addicts but vibrant, successful women from all arenas of life: from high-powered corporates and passionate feminists to stay-at-home moms and even beloved grannies, all looking to be part of the green revolution. We want to be authentic in our journey and we are most comfortable speaking from our perspective, as women. I think we have the right to create a special space. We get it; even if you don’t. 

But John, we like you. Always have, always will. In fact, I’d like to extend a sincere invitation for us to try again - because while our platform is aimed at women, we don’t exclude men. In fact, we have many male customers shopping KushKush for the women in their lives; and many unisex products that maybe even you would be interested in… 

So how about it? Next time we have an event or you have some time on your hands, let's get together and have a constructive debate about #womeninweed?  Is it a date? 

With Respect,
Jo Hope, Founder of KushKush


Jo, after listening to your responses, it affirmed the need for a female-based cannabis platform, especially for women dealing with issues such as menopause and breast cancer. My friend has stage 2 breast cancer and is currently using cbd drops, I think of her all the time, and I know that a space like KushKush allows her – and me – to access information that is particularly relevant to her journey and that her needs are echoed by many other women out there. Thank you for making this very necessary space and resource.

Lauren October 31, 2019

Jo so sorry for your experience. The truth is that the feminine is rising, and this makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. As a fellow female entrepreneur, I say keep the faith and know that the work you are doing is contributing in a meaningful way. You don’t need anyone’s rubber stamp, seasoned journalist or not! I’m a massive KushKush fan, your stuff is beautiful. Being an entrepreneur takes balls, and you have that in spades. If you’ve never done it before, you have no clue what it takes, so ignore the derisive snorters and nay sayers, soldier on, you warrior you 👊🏼

Jo October 30, 2019

According to my boyfriend who listens to John quite often, that’s how he treats a lot of his guests. Maybe he just doesn’t like people in general? Poor guy. 🤣 But you handled yourself like a champ Jo, you can be proud of that. Big love.

Erin October 30, 2019

Dear Jo,
I did snort with derision when I first read about the platform. But because I know that my first reactions are not always probative, and I am interested in the way that cannabis products are mainstreaming, I decided to give you an opportunity to inform me and my listeners of what you are doing and change my mind. I am sorry that my initial comment perhaps threw you off your stride a little, but I hope that with time you will recognise the opportunity you had to speak to many people who, I imagine, might be in your target market and extol the virtues of your platform. And I think you made a very good fist of seizing the opportunity. I wish you great success in your venture.
Respectfully yours,

John October 29, 2019

Hey, firstly well done to the Kush Kush team on an expertly curated website! It’s awesome to see how far the cannabis industry has come in such a short time. My wife shops on this website regularly and raves about how nice it is that someone thought about her when creating this safe space.

I managed to listen to the interview with John and to be honest I was embarrassed for him. Just another obnoxious old white guy. No wonder the South African media is in such a sad state of affairs. When people in positions of power, such as Johnny, who are blatantly harbouring subjective, undereducated and malicious views are let loose on our populations’ ears. Dear John, you should be embarrassed. For someone to openly discredit entrepreneurs in such a rapidly growing industry and in a country that desperately needs entrepreneurial endeavour to secure the future that our corrupt leaders have been unable to is simply unforgiveable.. Radio 7.0.SHAMEONYOU.

Ramsay Daly October 29, 2019

John snorts with derision on such a regular basis, I wouldn’t take it personally. Great that kushkush got the airtime – it must have piqued a few people’s curiosity and that’s what counts!

Karine G. October 29, 2019

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