Canna Yoga Sunday Self Care Session: 27 Sept 2020

R 60

Kush Kush's Sunday Self Care Sessions are all about using conscious cannabis, yoga and meditation to reconnect, centre and reset before another busy week. 

Date: 27 September 2020

Venue: Zoom baby!

Time: 17:30 

The Zoom class is +- 75 minutes in total, with the instructor first talking through some guidelines of how to get the best from your experience, then moving into the 60-minute movement/meditation and finally giving participants the opportunity to chat and give feedback at the end. 

These classes are gentle and suited to all levels of yoga and meditation experience. Cannabis consumption is totally optional.

Remember, the aim is not to push yourself but rather to gift yourself with 75 minutes of you-time, where you're guided into a deep state of stillness and surrender - dissolving mental chatter and quietening turbulent emotions.

Tips to make the most of your Sunday Self Care Session:

  1. Eat a CBD-rich edible about 30-60 mins hour before the class, or puff on a joint/vape just before class. You don't want to be too high as this could cause anxiety so rather start low and go slow. We recommend high-CBD strains or edibles as the best option for canna yoga. 
  2. Brief kids, partners, pets and that you're 'out of bounds' for the next 75 minutes.
  3. Roll your mat out in a quiet spot where you feel comfortable and at peace.
  4. Switch off email, WhatsApp and text alerts. 
  5. Always have a bottle of water close at hand.
  6. Your temperature will drop rapidly during the meditation (savasana) so bring a pair of socks, a blanket or warm wrap to cover yourself.
  7. And enjoy! Canna yoga is fantastic for relieving anxiety, Sunday-night blues and taking the edge off a busy weekend. If you can, elevate the exhilaration with a 15-minute sauna and 2-minute ice shower afterwards for a truly epic experience. 

This class will be hosted on Zoom - a link will be sent to you 24 hours prior to the class via email so please be sure to complete your correct email address when checking out. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review