High-End Pop-Up

Last Thursday was epic! Fifty of our favourite friends popped in to our first-ever shopping experience. The team met and mingled with fellow KushKushers, who could happily touch and feel our gorgeous goodies.

I’m a people’s person but I’m also super private, so the thought of hosting the first KushKush private shopping pop-up was a tad terrifying. Of course, no event goes amiss without a few panic moments, like realising that I’d forgotten to print out the price lists five minutes before ‘go’ time and worrying that our cannabis leaf arrangements would give up the will to live and completely wilt in the blistering heatwave!

Luckily, my fabulous friends were on hand to help avert all minor disasters and by the time our guests started arriving, I was buzzing with the thrill of the evening ahead.

It was an incredible feeling to look out over our carefully curated display rails and tables and see how engaged and interested the women (and a few men!) were with our showcase.

`This positivity speaks volumes about the turn in the consumer tide towards cannabis, and away from the decades-long tirade this healing herb has endured. It was also enlightening chatting to fellow KushKushers about their own personal cannabis journeys, and hearing the questions they have about the state of the cannabis nation right now. All these points, and more, have been scribbled down in my notebook and will inform our stories and events in the year ahead.

The best part for me was when I rang up the last sale, and could finally relax, with my feet in the pool and a joint in hand, surrounded by new, and old, friends who now all form part of the greater KushKush tribe. It just confirmed for me what I’ve always known: that women and weed are organically and inextricably intertwined and that together we’re creating rich soil in which we all can prosper and grow.

Till next time, xx Jo


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And a big thanks to our friends who helped with the event:

Dope for sponsoring the fizzy goodness of their new CBD water

JeanBeGreen for her genius floral styling with cannabis leaves, the leafy loveliness of which was kindly supplied by our friends at The Haze Club

And last but certainly not least, the ever-glamorous and uber-talented Kelda Lund for photographing all the best moments.


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