KushKush is all about building a community of both
new and experienced recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers.

You should join us.

You don’t even need to consume the stuff to belong here. 
Curiosity, an open mind, and happy vibes are all we ask for.

Our mission is to cultivate a refreshing and
inspired representation of cannabis culture, in South Africa
and abroad, that educates, illuminates and shifts public sentiment. 
We’re learning with you as we go, and promise to share relevant,
fascinating and empowering news and information. 

We also curate a selection of beautiful but functional premium
cannabis lifestyle products and nifty, specialised tools
– everything you need to enjoy cannabis just the way you like it.
Because if you can't do it in style, why do it at all? 

Enjoy the space and let us know what you think! 
You can get in touch here - hello@kushkushonline.com 

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