high time is the new me time

Mesmerising is an adjective that sums up one of the cornerstones of top shelf stoned viewing content. And if you've exhausted some of the traditional options to hit that mark - Marie Kondo, Masterchef and any nature documentary ever made - boy, do we have an Instagram account for you. @ifyouhigh is the answer to its own hypothetical. It's a gift from the internet ether, a treasure trove of images and video clips depicting everyday, mundane stuff in ways that renders them nothing short of majestic. Who knew squeezing an orange peel could be so hypnotic? How are we today years old and only now being treated to a timelapse of a wounded finger, a panoramic pic of a hot dog? It's art meets ASMR meets acid trip. And the perfect rabbithole to go down on hazy, lazy weekend afternoon 🔮. Enjoy lovelies

We've put together a little collection of our favourites - happy scrolling lovelies - and give them a follower over on insta. You won't be disappointed.





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