Know your grow

Keen to start growing your own supply? Or grow even better cannabis? The Grow Planner notebook is the place to start – it’s an intuitive tool specifically designed for home cultivation.

Plants don’t thrive just because we hope they will, or because we beg them to. They thrive because someone spends time and effort caring for them. And as much as horticulture is a therapeutic, rewarding art, it also requires incredible amounts of patience, determination, experimentation and fastidious attention to detail.

In an exciting twist of fate, in South Africa, we’ve recently been given the go-ahead by the *high* court to grow cannabis at home for personal use. No matter whether you’re a seasoned grower, or just starting out, cannabis cultivation is an intricate art with multiple variables, and the Grow Planner will help you to make informed decisions for your crop based on your unique grow style, strain or environment. 

Easy to use, it’s a science-orientated weekly/monthly planner designed to help you to plan out your garden, rotation and feeding schedule and easily track information and progress. It helps you to monitor each phase of the growing cycle, prompting you to jot down key info as it comes up to ensure that you can repeat things that worked well and avoid making the same mistakes twice.

The A5 planner features weekly entry pages, calendar views, a feeding schedule, fillable harvest notes, and tasting pages, as well as supply cost pages, reference charts, and diagrams. Pretty much everything you need.

Keen? It all starts with the seeds. You’ll need to get creative as to how you source these, as it’s still not actually legal to buy and sell seeds. Maybe you need to get them from a friend of a friend?

The Grow Planner is available here

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