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A cannabis inspired collaboration between local design label Good Good Good and illustrator Shaun Hill? Yes. Please!

We sat down with GGG owner Daniel Sher to talk about why his SS19 collection included a cannabis range, what they’re doing as a brand to ensure they’re proudly South African and their exciting upcoming collaborations.

Words: Erin Coe

Daniel Sher Good Good Good

Chartered Accountant to Designer, how did that happen?! 
A little/big stroke of luck - the woman I fell in love with and married grew up in a 25-year-old family-run clothing factory that was started by her mum. Designing and manufacturing clothing was actually always something I wanted to do, however, I only realized that the dream was possible when Paige, my wife,
and I started working together on various menswear projects. 

How would you describe Good Good Good's style? 
Good quality, boxy-forgiving shapes, with a touch of humour. 

Why did you decide to do a collection centred around cannabis? 
Because cannabis rules!

How did the collaboration with Shaun Hill come about? 
We've been friends since our Jo’burg days, so when I decided that cannabis would be the theme of the collection, Shaun was the only illustrator I wanted to work with. 

How would you describe this collection? 
Cosy and vibrant.

Where in the world can Good Good Good now be found? 
We're lucky to have picked up a few international accounts in 2019 - Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Peggs & Son (Brighton), Edifice (Tokyo), Assembly (New York & Los Angeles), AKJP (Cape Town), Baseline (Cape Town) and now KushKush!

Is everything made in SA? 
Absolutely. And we're doing what we can to make our product a 100% South African made product. 80% of our textiles are milled in South Africa too. 

Any exciting collaborations coming up? 
Yes! A jewellery/t-shirt collaboration is in the works with Cape Town legend and jeweller, Pierre Estienne. And after three years of endless persistence, we'll finally be releasing our collaboration with David Brits in 2020, with local accessories brand Sealand on board as part of that collab. And then there are one or two other exciting projects in the works, but my lips are sealed on those for now!

While Good Good Good is predominantly a menswear range, the Herb t-shirts and totes are totally girl-friendly. Check them out here. We’re obsessed!

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