Canna Yoga Sunday Sessions

Feeling frazzled, like the weekend is never long enough? You're stressed, exhausted and suffer from a weekly case of the Sunday Night blues? 

Here's a little secret: conscious cannabis consumption (moderate, balanced and with the aim to aid health, not get super high) can do wondrous things for your health like alleviate depression, anxiety and stress; just like the ancient practices of yoga and meditation. When you combine the three together, the benefits are exponential. 

As Nikki Furrer, from @gethighlikealady says, "Getting high makes it easier to be still, clear the mind and let go of thoughts that come up. When I meditate without cannabis, I last about 10 minutes before my brain takes over and I'm up and on to the next thing. With cannabis, I can meditate like a Buddhist monk on a mountaintop for an hour." 

Join the #kushkushcommunity for a virtual Canna Yoga Sunday Self Care Session and reconnect and reset your mind, body and spirit in preparation for another busy week. 

They happen via Zoom every Sunday at 6pm. Classes are suited to all levels of yoga/meditation experience, you can work at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home, and cannabis consumption is varied (whatever you're most comfortable with) and totally optional. Book your ticket & shop our Yoga Portal here

Naomi Marshak was born to be a yogi: her mother is a senior Iyengar yoga teacher and her passionate immersion in the tradition was foundational to Naomi’s own love of the practice. She is currently completing her 300 hour advanced teacher training at The Shala, and teaches regular group classes, as well as private and corporate clients. Of canna yoga she says, ‘As someone who experiences high levels of anxiety at the best of times, yoga is an invaluable tool that helps me manage my own stress levels.’ She believes that adding cannabis to the mix - with the right strain and in low doses – elevates the experience and produces far-reaching, regenerative effects on the entire limbic system. ‘We know that cannabis is incredibly effective in alleviating physical and mental tension, which in turn helps the body to soften and makes the mind more malleable and open to the power of the imagination, a key aspect of canna yoga’, Naomi explains.
Read more about Naomi's canna yoga practice here

Born and raised in Alaska, Willow Constantine has been teaching yoga since 2004, training in a variety of yoga styles and with a number of yoga masters, including Shiva Rea in San Francisco. She has also completed advanced training in both kinesiology and anatomy. She says, however, that studying a form of meditative ‘un-teaching’ called Advaita Vedanta is what helped integrate greater stillness and a deeper meditative state into her teaching. Willow specialises in private classes tailor made to suit client’s needs but is excited to share her knowledge and practice with the #kushkushcommunity, saying “My own experience of combining cannabis and yoga/meditation has taught me that it enhances surrender in the stuck places of the body, and enables mental chatter to dissolve and the emotions to go quiet.”

Read more about Willow's personal cannabis journey back to health here


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