Sobriety In The Time Of Corona

Lockdown is officially underway, lovelies. And whether you panic-bought toilet paper, or you rolled your eyes at people who panic-bought toilet paper, there’s one thing most of us did do in our final hours of freedom: stocked up at the bottle store.
Honestly, I can count the times I have been drunk in the past two years on one hand and even I panic-bought a bottle of gin.
It seems, dear reader, that during this time of isolation, South Africans plan on getting drunk… Like, a lot.

And although I understand the collective need to numb the fear and anxiety of what’s going on right now, since excessive drinking has been linked to an increase in breast and other cancers in women, getting hammered every night for the next 21 nights is probably not the most sensible plan. 

So I asked our Instagram tribe what they think, and guess what? Lockdown or not, they choose cannabis over alcohol every time - for a variety of different reasons but all of them make sense to me.

So I’ve stashed that gin bottle away and if you’re looking for me, I’ll be puff, puff, passing myself a joint.
TSHEGOFATSO, 29, Johannesburg @mbongomuffin
What is the biggest benefit of smoking?
I am incredibly anxious but when I smoke, I feel calm enough to actually do the things I want to. It makes me more alert without the anxiety jitters. I can work, be creative and focus without feeling overwhelmed.

What do your friends and family think?
My friends are used to me smoking by now. My family barely knows but I’m slowly introducing them to cannabis via creams or in tea. They don’t comment on my usage but are becoming a lot more open to speaking about the plant’s general benefits.
KIKA, 30, Miami @_kikaism
Why do you smoke weed
It’s part of my self-care routine. I smoke at the end of a long day to unwind. Smoking weed with my friends and loved ones has also proved to be more meaningful and reaches far deeper depths than when alcohol was involved.

What are some of the benefits of smoking?
It's one of the ways I manage my migraines. I can’t say it’s a fool proof medicine but it helps when I’m in the throes of its pain. 
DREA, 32, Miami @drea.flow
Compare smoking to drinking
I was a wild child in my 20s and my body can’t handle alcohol anymore nor do I enjoy the effects it has on me: blurry thinking, loss of control, post-hangover. Smoking is a ritual for me, something I love doing alone or socially with friends. It sparks intellectual conversations and healing, and I’m all for that.

How has smoking helped you?
For the past four years, I’ve treated myself to a nice packed bowl every day during my menstrual cycle to ease cramps and hormonal headaches. Funnily enough, I find weed keeps me grounded and emotionally stable.
HEIDI, 25, Cleveland @heidilhalll
What is one of the biggest misconceptions about weed?
That it makes you lazy. When I’m high I always feel super motivated and want to be productive. 

What is something you didn’t expect weed to do but it does?
It makes me feel prettier! I know that’s weird but it just goes hand in hand with feeling more carefree and confident.
MBALI, 31, Johannesburg @em_mbelz

Why do you like cannabis?
I love weed because it calms my anxiety, helps me talk less and listen more and creates a safety bubble against bad energy.

What is the difference between smoking and drinking for you?
When I smoke I feel like I'm still in control of my body whereas when I drink it's as if another me is taking over - a me I have no control over.

JEANETTE, 34, Cape Town
Why did you quit drinking?
I stopped when I was diagnosed with Lupus (an autoimmune disease). I didn’t want to take a  handful of pills every day so I went on an elimination diet and realised sugar and alcohol are big problems for my body so I cut them both out. I was always a recreational smoker so it was actually easy to stop drinking and rather smoke.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve noticed?
I’m so much more connected. Alcohol has a way of masking feelings, thoughts and complex emotions but weed enhances them. It's easier to work through a problem when you're clear in your mind and able to think it through instead of pushing it to one side. In some ways, smoking a joint is incredibly meditative.

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