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Kush Kush caught up with Joline Rivera, the dynamic creative director who founded Kitchen Toke, the culinary cannabis media brand that showcases how to cook healthy, happy food that’s canna-good for you.

In my previous life I think I knew my dog. I swear, he must have been human or vice versa at some point. He stares at me like he’s about to give me an ear full sometimes and definitely knows what I’m saying. He’s way too smart to be a dog.

My not-so-secret obsession is figuring out all the benefits and unique ways I can enjoy cannabis in my food. I’m obsessed with self-care and eating right. Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge too, but I’m fascinated with food as medicine. When I have a headache, you’ll find me staring at the fridge or cupboard to figure out what I can eat to make it go away.

My favourite Kitchen Toke recipes to date are last summer's Grilled Watermelon Salad (with chopped cannabis leaves) & CBD Vinaigrette Dressing: it was so darn good I ate the entire bowl after we photographed it! This summer we did a Cornbread and Summer Vegetable Salad (with infused bacon fat dressing). Wow, was that good!

My greatest hope for the cannabis industry is that the federal government stops making it so difficult for people to run their businesses. I’m not asking for everyone to accept it, like it, use it but I am asking that you don’t get in the way of another person's choice to have it.

The biggest misconception about me is that I’m high all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know a lot of people who can be high all day at work, I’m just not one of them. People think when you consume cannabis you’re automatically getting high. I urge people to think about the half-way point. What if you could consume cannabis every morning, be highly functional, experience all the benefits of cannabis compounds without ever being high? I really want people to think about cannabis as food, food as medicine, and taking just enough to reset your cannabinoid system to feel good every day and experience 8+ proper hours of sleep every night.

If I didn’t work in food, I would be an interior designer. Before Kitchen Toke I gutted and redesigned a few rooms in my home just for fun. I don’t have that kind of time anymore, but I will again some day and I often dream about my next big project.

I believe the future is or has to be, easier than what my past has been or what the current environment is like now. Or it’ll feel easier because nothing could be harder than what I’m doing now.

My dream dinner date is Anthony Bourdain (if he was still with us) and actor Rob Lowe. Both are recovered addicts and since addiction runs in my family, I have so many questions on that. Also because Bourdain would eat anything, both have great stories to tell and from what I’ve read/seen, I think both would travel anywhere for dinner.

I hope my readers understand that Kitchen Toke is about getting healthy, not high. Anyone can get high, we know that, but cannabis is a superfood and a functional food.

The first thing I did this morning was kiss my boyfriend, snuggle my dog, sip some coffee followed by 1:1 tincture and wash it down with more coffee.

My favourite feature in the latest issue of Kitchen Toke is the interview with Rachel Wolfson - a comedian and cannabis advocate who let us in on her battle with depression. It’s an inspiring and important story for anyone who’s ever felt like her. I was on location for her photo shoot and talked to her first hand - she’s great, really funny and forthright with her answers.

I micro-dose because Trump is in office… and I’m busy. It helps manage my stress, keeps me level, healthy and productive, not to mention I sleep better than I ever have before.

I love visiting South Africa because some of the best people I’ve ever met, I met there. My first trip was one I will never forget and I didn't want to leave. I boarded the plane with tears in my eyes but I’ll be back!

On tough days, my greatest comfort is being home with my dogs.

My friends know that I know that they know.

Words: Justine Stafford

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