#WomenInWeed Part 2

Welcome to the KushKush #WomenInWeed series: an ongoing meet and greet of some brilliantly successful and sophisticated women who are trailblazers in their respective fields and who are also effortlessly redefining cannabis culture. 

In this second profile, we meet an American writer and educator who turned her life around with the help of this healing herb that she now publically advocates for. 

Words: Kelly Fung

Erin Willis | Nutritionist & Cannabis educator

Three years ago, Erin Willis entered the industry as a writer and educator wanting to reroute the perception of cannabis towards an avenue of wellness. The blog has since evolved into a community of uncloseted cannabis-consumers; a positive platform of self-love and holistic health.  

Her Point of View
“I believe it is a deeply effective plant medicine that every person (and animal) has a right to consume.” For Erin, cannabis is a natural remedy for the most prevalent ailments of today, from sleep disorders, malnutrition, and autoimmune diseases to chronic inflammation and pain.  For her it is also one of the closest ways of utilising nature to find physical, mental, and spiritual relief.

Her Style
“I mostly consume cannabis through glass pipes, tinctures, and herbal rolls. I no longer smoke as much as I used to because of the tinctures, but it is still my favorite way to take in the herbs”. Erin adds that she uses cannabis for preventative reasons, for relaxation, creativity, and as an anxiety-reliever.

Her Challenges
As a young woman, Erin struggled with substance abuse, “I was in a dark place and wish I’d known more about cannabis than I did.” At the time, however, her parents (and society) were totally against it, she found it impossible to be open about her consumption of it and ultimately got in to harder drugs as it was easier to be discreet. She adds, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have treated this plant with far more respect and would most likely not have gone on to the harder stuff.”

Nowadays, Erin lives in Boulder, Colorado and is fortunate to live in a bubble of cannabis acceptance and normality where she feels safe to explore and publicly advocate for a balanced and conscious approach towards cannabis. “

Her Advice
Erin cautions against overusing the herb rather than respecting it as a healthy supplement for a happy lifestyle; “...when you use cannabis as an escape mechanism and abuse it, it is just another recreational drug.” The educator advises instead “Let cannabis support you, not enable you.”

 In Her Own Words:
“I have positioned myself to be a speaker of this medicine. We are in a time when cannabis needs advocates for its purpose and place in our societies. I am one of those advocates.”

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