Lucie Pagé

Sex, Pot and Politics

R 250

A humorous political satire about, well, Sex, Pot and Politics. 

Cannabis has been illegal for less than one percent of the time of its utilisation in history. We are living in this one percent.

Information about cannabis found in this book is not fictional. Unfortunately, the circus of politics neither. If leaders really had the interests and health of the population at heart, they would change, tomorrow morning, the wrongful classification of this plant at the United Nations, which defines it as a dangerous drug. A poison. Cannabis was, before politics got involved and messed everything up, used to treat more than one hundred diseases and symptoms.

The science has categorically proven that cannabis has extraordinary medicinal values, both palliative and curative.

Lucie Pagé knows that she owes her life to this plant, like so many others.

Read all about Lucie Pagé's personal canna-journey here

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