Meet the creative dynamos we’ve collaborated with to weave the words and pictures of our KushKush world together, just for you…

Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini:
surly but amusing geriatric
stuck in a middle-aged body

Writer and beauty editor, Gotlhokwang Angoma, loves nothing more than getting to grip with new beauty trends which is why we asked her to de-mystify CBD beauty - fad or true beauty fix? Read her investigation here to find out. 

My greatest passions are... wading in water, magazines (content creating) and red wine

My most indulgent beauty fix is facials – I once had a 90-minute gold hydrating facial, which was bliss!

The first thing I think of when I wake up is... I shouldn't have had that glass of wine, jokes. Honestly, I'm often thankful for my family 

This experience in CBD beauty has taught me... that alternative medicine is a true alternative. Mainstream/western medicine is dawdling to some degree. 

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Tiffany Jordaan:
cannabis grower, educator, activist

“I’ve found true joy in growing my own cannabis and want to share that positivity with others”, says Tiffany Jordaan, adding that this passion, combined with her background in science, psychology and brand strategy, is what prompted her to found Grow With Us Club – an online club and e-commerce store that aims to educate all levels of growers through easy-to-access information, as well as grow kits that supply everything you need to nurture your own crop of cannabis, from seed to harvest, and beyond! 

As a fellow #womaninweeed and cannabis activist, KushKush is proud to partner with Tiffany, whose gift for distilling the sometimes complicated cannabis growing concepts into simple lessons is a welcome addition to our expert knowledge base. Read Part 1 of her Ready, Steady, Grow education series here.

I live, sleep, eat and breathe... Grow With Us. Starting your own business is all consuming and requires so much dedication. Thankfully, I love what I do and most days I’m working from the garden with my cats, so I’m happy. 

'Coming out' about my cannabis usage has... been incredibly diverse. Exceptionally scary telling my family, after being arrested (for possession) at age 21 but so different revisiting the conversation now as a responsible adult. My parents are very supportive as they believe I’ve found my passion. 

One thing nobody knows about me is that... I have a really dark sense of humour. Most of my best work has to stay in my head.

This collab with KushKush is proving... that I’m not alone. I’ve found my tribe of strong, creative, independent, funny and smart women who want to celebrate cannabis and all its facets and potential.

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Kelly Fung:
editor, visually obsessed, fashion geek 

As Content Director for online retail giant Superbalist, Kelly Fung is a very busy woman. So we assumed she wouldn't have much spare time to go chasing around the globe, tracking down a list of kick-ass cannabis trailblazers for KushKush’s #womeninweed series… Somehow she made it happen, and summoned the energy and patience to take on this daunting and, at times, extremely challenging commission. And we’re so glad she did!  

I'm a sucker for the perfect white t-shirt and a slick of red lipstick.

My most fashionable faux pas was when I decided I'd rather go creased than have to iron my clothes. This is probably the laziest thing about me. 

My motto in life is "fortune favours the well-dressed".

Putting the #womeninweed series together was fascinating! The exploration of how cannabis has become interwoven into the lives of these exceptional women was eye-opening. Unsuprisingly, these women are the very opposite of what society has stereotypically painted weed culture to be. They're driven, smart, and rigorous in vocalising their stance on cannabis, be it political or personal. 

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Emma Wright:
modern mystic, earth lover, mother

It takes a brave woman to leave a high-flying corporate career to launch a spiritual start-up, especially in these tough economic times, but Emma Wright exudes warrior woman energy! The leap of faith she took has grown in to Temple Collective - a platform for the cultivation and expression of our sacred nature in the modern world. 

Part of this expression that Emma teaches is the reclamation of our innate sensuality and the sacred feminine, which made her the perfect writer to review the KisKanu Intimacy Oil that KushKush proudly stocks. Read all about her arousing experience here.

I write from the perspective of a serious mind and playful spirit.

My work is all about potential and empowerment.

My greatest hope is that we embody grace.

My KisKanu Intimacy Oil experience was like that Gainsbourg and Birken duet.

For more info on Temple Collective, DM Emma via Temple Collective
Photo: @keldalund

Venessa Dace:
word nerd, urban farmer

Venessa says she counts herself lucky to have had the opportunity to interview the bubbly dynamo that is journalist, author and medical cannabis activist, Lucie Pagé. Read her inspiring story here

I’m a wordsmith by profession but am lost for words when… faced with an Excel spreadsheet. My mind fades to black...

Nothing in life truly prepared me for the moment I realised… I’m old enough to be a grown up!

The best part of my day is when… everyone’s asleep, the house is quiet and I have a few precious moments to slip into the milieu of a really good book. 

The highlight of my interview with Lucie was… her compelling honesty. Her passion is intoxicating. 

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Zanele Kumalo:
content strategist, storyteller, mentor

Zan interviewed Innocensia Mangoato the brilliant young scientist who has brought to light cannabis’ incredible potential to help reverse the body’s resistance to cancer drugs.

Storytelling is important to me because there are so many voices that need to be heard and it's a great way of creating a picture for us all to understand each other better.

A wise mentor can help you uncover details about certain qualities you have but might not have considered as strengths.

Empowering other women makes me feel empowered because we're only going to get to where we need to be if everyone come along for the ride.

Connecting with Innocensia was cool because she works in a field I know little about and I get a kick from learning from women who are a lot younger and smarter than me.

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Bielle Bellingham:
bootstrapper, aesthete, lover 

The brilliant Bielle – who is an aficionado of colour, design and beautiful things - worked tirelessly to bring the KushKush creative content vision to light for launch. 

The one thing that truly makes me happy in my work is people. I work with people who are rooted, but flow (Virginia Woolf). People who are particular, but not precarious. People who admire beauty, but also recognise its lunacy. People who make fantastic mistakes. People who trust intuition, and value interrogation. People who are scared but do it anyway. 

My obsession with interiors began when I visited IKEA for the first time when I was 13. The idea of being able to manifest your personality in the spaces you occupy was intoxicating.  

Good design is important because you don’t see it – you feel it. Things that you FEEL are catalysts for meaningful change and progress. 

If KushKush was a feeling, I think it would feel like a hug, a gentle hand on your shoulder, and also a kick up the pants when you need it.  

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Annie Brookstone:
writer, feminist, stoner

Read Annie’s thoughts on why women deserve to blaze their own trail at the forefront of the cannabis industry here 

There's nothing I've done in my life so far that I haven't done with words. Like, people pay me money to string sentences together? That's wild.

I’m not afraid of the stoner stigma because everyone and their grandma is a stoner these days. Seriously though, I think I'm privileged enough not to have to be afraid and I recognise that I can be open about smoking weed in ways that may be a lot of other people can't simply because I'm a young white woman and the discrimination odds aren't stacked against me. Most people don't have as much freedom to speak about ‘edgy’ topics as I do, so I want to use that voice responsibly.

Sex and cannabis are a hot topic because we totally avoided speaking about both for so long. I firmly believe that the parallels between cannabis and female sexuality are immense, particularly with regard to their power. Repressing these conversations was all about control and we've woken up to that. It's been a long time coming (pun fully intended).

My relationship with rope began before I fully understood why thinking about being tied up would give me a tingly feeling in my tummy. I began exploring it in earnest about three years ago when I was working on the marketing team for a sex toy company. I realised that not every BDSM scene needed to be like something out of a bad Rammstein music video and that just like it's okay to be a stoner, it's definitely okay to be kinky.

Get a glimpse into Annie’s world on Instagram @anniebrookstone.

Candice Gericke:
art director, shoe-lover, 
momma to 2 cute girls.

Candy, as her friends (like us) know her, designed the brand identity for KushKush and we love her all the more for her punchy take on the femme-powered, up-yoursness of our canna-curious brand. 

If I didn’t work in design, I’d be a plastic surgeon because I find the body fascinating and there is artistry in plastics. It must be a bit like retouching. 

My secret to somehow juggling motherhood, a creative career, marriage and a life of my own is that there is no secret! Just take it one day at a time: sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Oh, and I’d strongly recommend lots of downtime/wine time with girlfriends – it will keep you sane.

Beautiful typography inspires me to fall in love with design every day, all over again. 

I designed numerous options for the KushKush logo but the final choice is my favourite because it's simple and has attitude... And the client is happy (trés important)!

Don’t follow Candy on Instagram because she is one of the very rare humans who is disinterested in social media and rarely posts anything on her very private profile! 😜

Joanne Hope: 
founder, mother, #womeninweed advocate

“Profit flows from higher purpose: that’s the ethos behind KushKush’, says founder, Jo Hope, of the recently launched e-commerce store and content portal that caters to, and celebrates, South Africa’s #womeninweed.
I eat, breathe, sleep KushKush's allows me to express my creativity and be part of an important conversation and community that I care about.  
My friends know me best for my... my absolute aversion to green vegetables (ironic I know) and my rather raucous laugh
Saturday mornings are all about... Family (doggos, children, my wonderful boyfriend) and lazy breakfasts
One thing you don’t know about me is that.. I'm obsessed with street art. It's literally almost cost me my life trying to photograph it! 
Get to know Jo, and her KushKush story better via Instagram @kushkushonline or read her full profile here