Ah, My Pretty!

‘Laundry Day is for all of those women who use cannabis but aren’t necessarily defined by it,’ explains founder Victoria Ashley. ‘I wanted to create pieces for all women who use cannabis, so they can proudly display their smokeware in their home and have it seamlessly integrate with the rest of their lives.’ 

Sign. Us. Up. 

Laundry Day founder Victoria Ashley saw a gap in the market and ran with it. As someone who used cannabis as a natural sleep aid, she recognised that when it came to buying smoke pieces, the shopping experience and the products simply did not suit her style.  The result? She had to create her own.

Cue Laundry Day. A modern take on 1970s design, this forward-thinking brand aims to offer sophisticated and simultaneously playful smoking alternatives. ‘By providing smokeware that fits into the lives of women who love music, art, fashion, film, decor… Laundry Day is working to change the narrative of who a “modern stoner” is and normalise a ritual that millions of people take part in every day,’ she explains. 

KushKush will soon be stocking two of Laundry Day’s top-selling pipes - feast your eyes on these pretties! 

The Hudson pipe (above): a sexy little number, this curvaceous hand-blown pipe comes in a range of on-trend colours (soft pink anyone?) and can double as stylish table-top decor. Yes, because they are that beautiful. Apart from its next-level aesthetic, the Hudson also offers a pretty cool smoking experience in that the opaque glass allows you to gaze at the haze of smoke curling gently through the circular chamber. Much more entertaining than scrolling through social media, we think! 

The Charlotte Pipe (above): perfect for the girl-on-the-go, the Charlotte is a retro take on 70’s glam and is small and nifty enough to pop in to your clutch purse for a fun night out. You can pack it full of flower or treat it as a quick one-hitter, and your friends will be quietly envious at your sexy smokeware. 

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