On The Go With Vapium

Our tagline was Get Out There - so take your vape, make sure that it’s portable, make sure that it’s charged, fill up your pockets with as much green as you can and do something.’ - Lisa Harun, Vapium co-founder

Rugged. Reliable. Refined. That’s how Vapium describes their products and we couldn’t agree more. You can sign us up for anything that comes in Rose Gold and Graphite. But more than just being absolutely gorgeous, these vaporisers are made with medical-grade materials which ensure the vapour you inhale is pure, while also preserving the flavour of the flower. 

Having medical grade vaporisers was super important to the Vapium founders who saw immense value in cannabis as medicine. ‘Yes, it’s amazing when people are like, “Yes, it worked, and I got really high”, that’s great...we’re doing our job,’ says Lisa. ‘But when a patient says that we’ve improved their life, that we’ve made their life easier...that’s why we do what we do.’ 

The Vapium Lite vaporises ground bud using ceramic conduction, has eight temperature settings and heats up in 30 seconds. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a medicinal or recreational consumer,  you’ll find it super easy to use. 

Simply press the power button, use the plus and minus dial to change the temperature, wait for the green light (or wait for it to vibrate) and it’s ready to go!

Check out this *dope* podcast with Vapium co-founder Lisa Harun. 

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